4000 truck-to-ship bunkering operations completed

Over four years ago Elenger entered the LNG marine business and started supplying liquefied natural gas to environmentally friendly ships.  By now we have carried out 4,000 truck-to-ship bunkering operations.

Elenger Marine bunkering LNG-fuelled M/S Megastar

Elenger Marine bunkering LNG-fuelled M/S Megastar 

Throughout these years LNG has been delivered by nine trailers from multiple sources. We have been offering the bunkering service in Tallinn, Helsinki, Hanko and Hanasaari harbours.

Tallink “Megastar”, a shuttle ferry between Tallinn and Helsinki, became our first customer and we continue to be her sole supplier with LNG.

Elenger Marine is the only company in the Baltic region to have developed regular LNG supply and bunkering service for its customers.